SwiftPage Email & drip marketing Training courses

Public Training courses: £165 + VAT for the first delegate and 15% off for a second Delegate!
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SwiftPage email training course offers delegates the knowledge and expertise to design, execute and interpret broadcasted email reports

Target Delegate
The course is for delegates, business owners who seek training and knowledge to use SwiftPage email marketing tools for their business or work place.

Course Objectives
Students delegates will learn how to use SwiftPage's features, Application integration, Template library,Text options, image options, uploading HTML templates and PDF's, customise templates, creating surveys,understanding reports.

Course Prerequisites
Delegates should be familiar with basic PC computer skills. Have experience in launching an application saving files, creating folders and copying files. Be familiar with Internet Explore browser or an other web browser.

Course Length: One day, 9:30 - 16:30

  • Inclusive of Course Material & Manual
  • 30 days email support
  • Course instructor is a qualified professional trainer who is SwiftPage Accredited
  • The basics
  • Law and spamming
  • SwiftPage eMail
  • SwiftPage Interface
  • Application integration ACT!,  Outlook, EXCL
Template Library
  • Starting with a Template
  • Saving Templates
  • Deleting Templates
  • Renaming Templates
  • Importing Templates
  • Publishing Templates
  • Distribute Templates
  • Exporting Templates
Text Options
  • Text Toolbar
  • Link to Web
  • Link to Survey
  • SPE Personal Message
  • Database Mail Merge
  • Erase Text
Image Options
  • Add/Replace Image
  • Header Image
  • Remove Image
  • Change Width & Position
  • Link Image to Web or Survey
Upload PDF
  • First Step, Upload
  • Link to Text or Image
Customize Template
  • Set Column Width
  • Background Colours
  • Horizontal Lines
  • Add a Window
  • Delete a Window
  • Duplicate a Window
  • Move a Window
  • Lock & Unlock a Window
Reports & Surveys
  • Access your Reports
  • Open-Click Reports
  • Creating a New Survey
  • Adding Survey Questions
  • Changing Survey Questions
  • Linking Survey to Image or Text
  • Putting Survey on the Web
  • Survey Responses
User Profile
  • General Profile
  • Logo Settings
  • Postal Address
  • Passwords
  • Distribution List
  • Feature Tab Set
Understanding Reports
  • Open Click Reports
  • Graphical Reports
  • Detailed Reports
Account Reports
  • Generating a Team Report
  • Report Explanations
Template Reports
  • Generating a Template Report
  • Report Explanations
Overview of List Manager
  • General
  • Set Up Your Database
  • Import Your Database
  • Editing Your Database
  • Deleting Your Database
Call Lists
  • Call list dash board
  • Creating Call Lists
  • List Assignments
  • Marketing Results tab - ACT!
Swiftpage Drip Marketing
  • Which version do I need?
  • Building your first campaign
  • Drip Marketing Types
  • Drip Marketing Stages
  • Drip Filters
Tips for Successful E-mail
  • Email marketing
  • Text or HTML?
  • Calls to Action
  • Test and Measure
  • Opt-outs & opt-in