ACT!  2011 Training -  Intermediate

Public Training courses: £225 + VAT
Locations: Bournemouth - Southampton - London
To secure your training Placement - Call 0845 8386077.

Course Overview
ACT! 2011 - Intermediate training course increase students / delegates knowledge of ACT! not only as a customer relationship manager but also as a powerful marketing and sales tools. By the end of this course delegates can expect to be able to use ACT! to its fullest potential

Target Student / Delegate
The course is for delegates, staff, business owners who have completed stage 1 ACT! Basic course or have used ACT! on a day to day basics. The course builds on the fundamentals and is designed to get the most out of your investment in ACT! CRM

Course Objectives
Students will use ACT! 2011 to perform advanced lookups and queries, manage documents and files, work with e-mail templates, and send a mass e-mail message. Students will also learn how to integrate ACT! 2011 and Outlook to send messages and share activities. Students will work with the Task List, creating custom activity types and priorities, work with the calendar feature, and learn how to manage opportunities.

Course Prerequisites
Delegates should be proficient with ACT basic or have used ACT on a day to day basics. Have PC computer skills in Windows  and experience in launching an application saving files, creating folders and copying files

Course Length: One day 9:30 - 4:30
Morning  9:30 - 1:00  Break 45 min - Afternoon 1:45 - 4:30

Working with multiple contacts

  • Making global changes to multiple contacts
  • Writing Notes to multiple contacts
  • Writing History to multiple contacts
  • Attaching a file to multiple contacts

Working with the ACT! Calendars

  • Scheduling activities to multiple contacts in the contact list
  • Creating and scheduling activity series for multiple contacts
  • Advanced use of the task list and calendars
  • Scheduling activities for multiple users
  • Integration of ACT!'s and Outlook's calendars

Working with 'Lookup ' and 'Advanced Query'

  • Lookup By Example function
  • Creating advanced queries
  • Saving and re-using advanced queries
  • Placing saved advanced queries on the tool bars

(Lunch Break 1:00 - 1:45)

Working with Groups and Companies

  • Create Companies
  • Company management
  • Setting up and running Company rules
  • Group and sub-group creation
  • Group management

Working with templates

  • Creating Word templates through ACT!
  • Creating html templates through ACT! e-mail
  • E-mail merging
  • More on mail merging

Working with reports

  • ACT! Professional reporting
  • Using the filters for Reports
  • Using Group, Company and Opportunity Reports
  • Saving, printing and e-mailing Reports