Sage ACT! 2011 - Premium Web

Sage ACT! Premium for Web provides access anytime and anywhere to a main database. This enables users to connect to the database remotely, while travelling and office-based users can access information in real time through a Web browser. ACT! Premium for Web is in the same format as the ACT! range of Windows products but comes with the added advantage of being a web based solution. The installation is simple, with just one copy on an internal server users can access the database and keep confidential customer data secure behind firewalls. ACT! Premium for Web is supplied with ACT! Premium and gives administrators the choice on how to deploy ACT! at no extra cost.

Benefits of Sage ACT! 2011 Premium for Web:
  • Access to live contact details, anywhere in the world and through a web browser.
  • No Synchronisation for remote users.
  • No need for remote users to carry local copies of the database.
  • The contact database remains securely behind the company firewall.
  •  Works with ACT! Premium
  • The Database is centrally managed and administered from your offices.

Meeting sales targets:
  • Manage sales activity with built-in forecasting tools with Sage ACT! Premium for Web.
  • Track opportunities on Sage ACT! Premium for Web through the sales cycle with the graphical sales pipeline report.
  • Create a sales graph on, showing open, won, or lost sales for any timeframe you choose.
  • Electronically print to HTML or Adobe PDF format for easy distribution with Sage ACT! Premium for Web.
  • Or, Select from any of the 5 pre-formatted sales reports to summarise sales information.

Timesaving scheduling with Sage ACT! Premium for Web
  • Use Sage ACT! Premium for Web to set alarms to be reminded of important events.
  • View and use daily, weekly and monthly calendars for individuals, selected users, or the entire workgroup.
  • Share calendars within a team for easy lookup of free and busy times.
  • Schedule recurring events for daily activities, weekly meetings, and other repetitive events in one easy step.
  • Filter what items are shown to others using private and public activity types using ACT! Premium for Web.
  • Avoid scheduling conflict with automatic calendar notifications in ACT! Premium for Web.

Managing and prioritising projects in Sage ACT! Premium for Web

  • Get a bird's eye view of everything scheduled for a team in one place!
  • View by importance for quick organisation of top priorities.
  • Assign priorities to tasks using the comprehensive Task List on Sage ACT! Premium for Web
  • Also filter the Task List by individuals or selected users.
  • Filter calls, meetings, and to-do items by date range using Sage ACT! Premium for Web so everyone's on track with upcoming commitments.

Summarise customer and sales information
  • Select from 16 pre-defined reports all listed on Sage ACT! Premium for Web in the left navigation bar for easy access.
  • The built-in report generator makes it easy to summarise and analyse sales data, activity reports, relationship histories, and more.
  • Print to HTML or PDF files for easy distribution.

Personalised correspondence in Sage ACT! Premium for Web

  • Contact information from the selected record automatically appears in the letter template with Sage ACT! Premium for Web.
  • Create personalised letters with a few clicks.
  • Store all correspondence with each contact to keep an accurate record of what was sent to whom on Sage ACT! Premium for Web.
  • Customise letter templates to meet specific needs.

Secure information in Sage ACT! Premium
  • Access rights and security levels are specific to each user.
  • All users of Sage ACT! Premium for Web are required to enter a valid user name and password in order to access customer information.
  • Choose which fields each user can view with field-level security.
  • Selectively allow or restrict Sage ACT! Premium for Web user access by date and time.
  • Sage ACT! Premium for Web Access can be restricted to allow Add, Delete and/or Update privileges.
  • Assign a Contact and Group layout specific to each Sage ACT! Premium for Web user.
  • Calendars include private and public activity types to filter what is displayed to others.
  • Allow Sage ACT! Premium for Web users to access only a particular Group or Groups of records with Group level restrictions.

Custom CRM Software Solutions
  • Choose which fields are displayed on a per-user basis.
  • Knowledge of web programming or HTML is not required.
  • Change, move or delete any existing fields.
  • Change the look of the Sage ACT! Premium for Web database screens, add a company logo, change background colours, fonts and other settings.
  • Customise letter templates with specific merge fields for easy letter creation.
  • Add new tabs or change tab labels to track additional information about each contact.
  • Add links to the Internet Links menu of Sage ACT! Premium for Web- perfect for giving Sage ACT! Premium for Web users fast access to frequently used web pages.
  • Add fields, All fields customised in ACT! for Windows can automatically be viewed in Sage ACT! Professional For Web.
  • Screens refresh as you edits are made so the view can changed any unwanted changes can be easily undone.